The reason I fall asleep so easy

1 min readJan 23, 2021

Right before I fall asleep

I close my petty eyes I dream

I beg my god please let me see my unknown lover

Just a peak

To feel his arms wrapped around me

Not too tight

I need to breathe

It’s just a dream, you silly

silly me

To smell his perfume

Not to live

I remember once you let me

First and last time I have met him

I acted like I was asleep

Didn´t want to make him leave

Didn´t want to scare my sweet sunshine away

He was older I believe

By how much I couldn’t say

But his hair in the pale moonlight glistened in silvery tones of gray

I caught a glimpse, when watching as he

like a ghost faded away

I wanted to scream his name,

only that would make him stay

My intentions they were pure but

my mind still remained the same

a blank canvas without a frame

so like a mute I watched him as he became one with air




Have an amazing day! Making this somewhat of a journal blog about what goes on in my head and cannot express otherwise